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How To Use Memorial Jewelry

❤️‍🩹Sensitive Content Warning❤️‍🩹
A couple of years ago we lost our precious little bunny, Pearl, during what was supposed to be a standard procedure at the vet, we miss her everyday and still talk about her. We had her cremated and for two years now her remains have been locked away in a tiny box. But I figured since we offer memorial jewelry (wearable crystal pendants that feature a tiny compartment for storing contents of your choosing), I thought it might be a nice idea to fill one for my youngest daughter since Pearl was “her rabbit”, and also use this as an opportunity to give a tutorial on how to fill these tiny pendants.
(**Note: It is recommended to wear disposable gloves for this process, and these are included in the kits we send out, as well as all other items shown in this video except for scissors)
1) The funnel included in the kit is customizable for this project and will require you to snip away some of the tube to allow larger materials to pass through.
2) Place the funnel over the pendant opening and use the spoon to fill. **Use the smallest grain material Only** (I will admit, this was the saddest part. I’d never seen cremation remains before 😔)
3) Use the toothpick to fully press material through
4) Assemble the glue cap and snip the end to open, glueing just the threads on the cap of the pendant, then secure the cap immediately.
We understand this topic may be a very sensitive for some, but we have had some clients asking how to properly go about using these kits.
And we’d like to thank our sweet Pearl 🐇 for her help in this 💗 🌈

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