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About Our Gemstones, Pearls and Leaves

All stones & pearls used in our designs are 100% natural. The images in the item descriptions are a fair representation of the stones/pearls you will receive, however, the stones/pearls are not resin filled, color treated or lab created, so no two stones will ever be completely identical to each other or the listing photos. Raw gems and crystals especially may vary a bit in color, surface texture and shape. This is to be expected.

Each stone will vary slightly from piece to piece, just like us. If your stone has rough edges it is because nature made it that way. If your stone looks more opaque than clear, it's because that is how that stone was formed. We feel that all the organic shapes and inclusions in these raw gems make each one incredibly beautiful and unique, like you.

Understand also that lighting in our photos may differ from the lighting in your home, which also impacts color appearance. Minor inclusions or surface irregularities are COMPLETELY NORMAL for natural stones and should not be considered defects. Considering all this, we absolutely take extreme care to select the very best of the best of our supply when creating your jewelry, and we do not send anything less than stones & pearls that we would be proud to wear or gift ourselves.

We have carefully selected each raw gem to suit the design we are creating for you. The real beauty in these stones is that there are no "flaws", only natural formations to be prized and enjoyed for years to come.

Moonstones and Labradorites are stones that flash a variety of colors in light!  The iridescent optical effects are caused by light, penetrating the layers of the stone, is bent, reflected and scattered on the surface of each layer.  The scattered light within the stone is what causes the colorful glow and the unique beauty of the gem.  These stones may have minor surface irregularities, natural inclusions, and internal fractures, however, these are NOT flawed or lesser quality, that is how nature made them!  Each stone is completely natural and totally unique.


We carefully inspect and select each stone before making your jewelry!

Please take it out of the packaging and look at it from different angles and in different lights.

We assure you that we saw something amazing in your stone and we hope you do too!


Pearls are organic gemstones and are easily damaged by perfume, cosmetics, chlorine bleach, acides, cleaners and other harsh chemicals.  The surface of pearls can scratch easily so only wipe them gently with a cloth, never place them in ultrasonic cleaners or use chemicals to clean them.  

Genuine leaves are used in our designs! We purchase green leaves that have been electroplated in copper to preserve the vein and shape details, then plated in either sterling silver, or 24k gold.  Be very careful not to over-polish, or the outer layer of precious metal will be removed.  Leaves are hand-picked for consistency in shape and size, but no two leaves will ever be the same.  These are made by nature! Earring sets are selected carefully by hand to ensure the closest match possible.